Konvert2Ogg is a KDE4-based sound converting application specifically designed to suit the needs of audio book listeners. It is a project in continual development. For the current list of features see the About page.

Konvert2Ogg is:

  • a batch-converting tool for sound files.
  • a tool to split big audio files into smaller chunks.
  • a tool to lower the quality of audio files in order to save disk space.

Konvert2Ogg is NOT:

  • a general-purpose audio converter.
  • designed for music files (it doesn't preserve tags.)
  • an audio tag editor.
  • an audio book downloader or file sharing program.

Common use cases:

  • You have an audio book in a format which is unsupported by your portable player. You want to convert it to Ogg Vorbis or MP3.
  • You have a one-hour audio file and want to split it into 10-minute pieces for easy listening on your portable audio player.
  • Your audio book is very high quality. You want to compress it to a lower quality (still OK for listening) to fit more of it onto your portable media device.

Less common use cases:

  • Your audio player has trouble playing audio files till the end, so you can never hear the last few words of the chapter. You want to append a few seconds of silence to the end of every file.
  • Your audio file is damaged so that your player doesn't correctly display its duration. You want to re-encode it correctly into the same format.
  • You are aware that this program doesn't handle tags. You decide to use it for music files, filling the tags later with some other tool.