Mission Statement

Konvert2Ogg seeks to offer audio book listeners an easy to use, versatile graphical tool for manipulating sound files.

New features in the development version:

Please see the Development page.

Features in version 0.2

  • Decode files from any format supported by MPlayer or Sound eXchange.
  • Encode files into Ogg Vorbis or MP3.
  • Configure settings such as quality, sample rate, mono.
  • Split audio files into shorter pieces.
  • Add silence at the beginning or end of file.


  • With certain settings, you may end up with ugly-looking file names (file.mp3.wav.wav.ogg). Use a tool like KRename to fix them.
  • I am not planning to add tag support (artist, title, ...) This is because audio book files really don't need this. If you insist on converting music files, you will want to use a tool like EasyTAG to add the tags afterwards.
  • I am not planning to do a Win32 port of this project.



Konvert2Ogg does not handle format conversions directly. It is basically a frontend to tools like MPlayer, Sound eXchange, Oggenc, LAME. These projects make Konvert2Ogg possible. Thanks to every one of their developers!