New Version 0.2

Finally, after a complete rewrite of the design and the code, Konvert2Ogg returns with version 0.2! Get it now!

I began this project because of some annoyances I had with audio books in digital format. Mainly, my portable audio player stopped playing a few seconds before the end of the file, and I could never hear the last few words of every chapter. Another annoyance was related to high-quality audio files. Why limit myself to a few dozen 192k MP3s when I could fit hundreds of perfectly listenable 32k files? When you go for a long trip away from your computer and you want a good book, this can really be a show-stopper.

Konvert2Ogg solves both these issues in an automated, just-start-it-and-let-it-do-its-work fashion. And it does more than that. In fact, it is a full-featured sound conversion tool designed specifically for audio books.

This is the first feature-complete release. In other words, it already does everything I want it to do. The next versions will probably consist of usability improvements and programming experiments I plan to do as I learn Qt and KDE.

Change of plans

I was thinking about redesigning this application to support more file formats, tag transfer, etc. and I realized that what I wanted to do in the first place was not a general sound converter, buy one specifically suited for audio books. Hence I decided to forfeit some of the initial plans and focus on creating the application I need. Since version 0.1 many things have happened in KDE and Konvert2Ogg. Currently the code in SVN is incomplete while I'm working on it.

Version 0.1 is out!

I am pleased to announce the immediate availability of version 0.1 of Konvert2Ogg! For the list of currently-supported features, see the About page.

Get it now!
(You need KDE 4 to run this.)

Project launched on SourceForge!

The project has been approved and now it officially resides at The SourceForge project page is here. There you may browse the code (as soon as I figure out how to import it into SVN), and check out the releases (which are not there yet, since it's Alpha code we're talking about here).

There is also a mailing list here. I've disabled the forums, as I won't be watching them. You are more than welcome to send me patches, ideas and opinions via the mailing list (or directly by e-mail).

First lines of code...

This news item is here just as a historical record of the date I began coding this project ;)